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Sep 15

Northbound U.S.395 Improvement Project

Anyone who lives in the Reno/Sparks and surrounding areas know that summer time is construction time, and the summer of 2012 is “The Year of the “Moana Lane/Spaghetti Bowl Project”.  Drivers that patiently (or perhaps not) deal with orange cones, bottle-neck traffic and slower speed limits search for that small light at the end of the tunnel and appreciate the upcoming improvements that will make traffic and commuting more tolerable.  As listed at www.renotahoe.about.com , such improvements are:

  • Plumb Lane off-ramp widened to two lanes and new striping to improve traffic flow for vehicles entering and exiting the freeway between Moana and Plumb Lane.
  • Add an auxiliary lane for a total of four lanes from the Plumb Lane off-ramp to Villanova Drive.
  • Add two lanes between Villanova Drive to Mill Street for a total of five lanes.
  • Widen from Mill Street to I80, adding two lanes and an acceleration and deceleration lane for a total of six lanes.
  • Build two separate two-lane exit ramps for merges onto eastbound and westbound I80. This will allow I80 bound drivers to select their exit lane well in advance of the exit.
  • Overhead signs to provide drivers with clear instructions for exiting 395 well in advance of the I80 intersection.
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) improvements will include a new electronic message sign to alert drivers of road conditions ahead, such as adverse weather or traffic incidents.


For more information about this project, visit: http://renotahoe.about.com/od/transportatio1/a/395project.htm

Aug 15

Keeping Drivers Employed Through Traffic School

As most of us know, working as a trucker means maintaining an almost spotless driving record- in both personal and commercial records.  With a moving violation on a personal record, a trucker could have his employment on the chopping block.  However, one vote from California’s governor, Jerry Brown, could change the 8 year law.

The new law, which was recently unanimously passed by the Senate, would allow commercial drivers to attend traffic schools for minor violations occurring on their personal records which would retain their driver status in good standing.  As stated in www.Truckflix.com ’s article California could soon lift ban on traffic school truckers, “Advocates for the rule change say that it makes sense.  They say that violations in noncommercial vehicles should be treated the same way whether the driver has a CDL or personal license.”

For more information on this headway in the trucking industry, please visit: http://www.truckflix.com/news_article.php?newsid=7971

Jul 15

Gas and Diesel Prices Consistently Rise

One of the largest elements of trucking and transportation are the prices for gas and diesel.  It is well known that prices tend to climb in the summer months, but the jump in price for diesel is notable.  As stated on www.Truckinginfo.com  in their article ‘Diesel and Gasoline Prices Continue to Increase’, “The average cost for a gallon of diesel reached $4.09… an increase of 6 cents over last week’s average and approximately 27 cents higher than the price per gallon for diesel last year at this time.”  Furthermore, Tropical Storm Issac will no doubt create more of an impact, leaving consumers at the pump wishing for the winter months to return.

Article: http://www.truckinginfo.com/news/news-detail.asp?news_id=77852

Jun 15

PROJECT: I-580 Freeway Extension from Reno to Carson City

The I-580 Freeway Extension project began in 2003 to redirect traffic from the deadly stretch of US 395 through Pleasant Valley and Washoe Valley.  However, it is the Galena Creek Bridge that has brought some serious national attention.  The Galena Creek Bridge, also known as “The Bridge to Nowhere” will soon be complete this coming July.  This twin-span concrete arch bridge, which will connect Reno and Carson City, will have the largest cathedral arch bridge in the U.S., spanning 689 feet.

Sierra Rental & Transport is proud to be one of the trucking companies who have worked on this famous project.  SRT has hauled numerous loads of aggregate with their end dumps and belly dumps, as well as transported numerous pieces of construction equipment.  With this project finally coming to an end, SRT is pleased to have been a part of such a large project.

Visit SRT’s website for more information on the services they can offer for any construction project- small or grand!


Apr 15

Low Bed Services

Despite nationwide budget cuts among local governments and private businesses, construction is still bustling every year during the warmer months of spring and summer.  One of the most popular construction projects in the summer time is highway maintenance, and it seems as if the equipment that is used to re-pave and build new highways gets bigger and more technically advanced every couple of years.  Transporting this equipment from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ involves the proper trailer and experienced drivers to safely haul oversized equipment.  The most used trailers are low beds, which are mainly used to haul heavy construction equipment, cranes, mining equipment and other large equipment.  Low beds also adapt to any situation with beam trailers and deck extensions.

Here at Sierra Rental and Transport we offer the safe hauling of oversized equipment and have the experienced drivers as well.  We are involved with several local construction projects in the Reno/Sparks area hauling specialized equipment and always support local projects, but we also provide services all along the western United States, even transport cross-country.  Low beds are a specialty at Sierra Rental and Transport but our services don’t end there, we offer end dumps, belly dumps, transfers, flat beds, water trucks, and much more.